What is it? Answers CXVII

Thursday, May 18, 2006

666. Pencil sharpener

The base measures approx. 3" x 4".

667. Matchsafe, the top reads "The Diamond Match Co. Ltd."

668. Round belt punch pliers, similar to the one seen on this pdf document. Also I found that Bernard sold his parallel pliers invention to Schollhorn, who was later bought out by Sargent and Company.

Written on this tool:
Pat. May 6, 1890
Pat. July 19, 1892
Pat. Apr. 2, 1907
Pat. June 17, 1913
W. Schollhorn Co.
New Haven, Conn.

669. Wise Cracker nut cracker

670. Tire repair tool, the small end is for cleaning the puncture and the other is used to prepare the surface for a patch.

671. Single runner sled

The movie "Citizen Kane" wouldn't have been quite the same if his sled had the name of the single runner on this page.

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